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Application of interactive whiteboard in mathematics classroom
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Application of interactive whiteboard in mathematics classroom

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Update Time : 2022-07-16

Interactive whiteboard effectively promotes the organic integration of information technology and subject teaching, and has unprecedented advantages in optimizing problem situations, understanding mathematical concepts, breaking through knowledge difficulties, and guiding students to learn to learn. It provides more convenient operation means for teaching and richer learning resources for students.

More importantly, the interactivity of the electronic whiteboard has greatly changed the learning methods and learning atmosphere in the mathematics classroom, cultivated students' creativity, promoted the creation of a flexible mathematics classroom culture, and made the teaching design achieve the expected teaching effect in the classroom practice.

In teaching, how to reasonably use interactive whiteboard to create a flexible mathematics classroom?

1. Make full use of interactive whiteboard functions to optimize problem situations

Situational teaching is a teaching method that arouses students' learning emotions with vivid problem situations. Problem situations can be familiar life scenes, interesting mathematical activities, or mathematical problems that need to be explored.

Interactive whiteboard, a new product, makes the creation of situations more vivid and diverse. In addition to video links and music playback, it also has many more powerful functions, such as dragging, zooming in, zooming out, spotlights, masks, lenses, etc., which integrate shape, color, sound, light, shadow and other elements. It makes the creation of the situation more visualized, interesting, and flexibly presents the thinking process, mobilizing students' various senses to actively participate in learning activities, so as to achieve long-term attention, and truly realize the transformation from "want me to learn" to "I want to learn".

2. Use the interactive whiteboard function to understand mathematical concepts

Human thinking is image thinking in front, abstract thinking in the back. Especially the students in the lower and middle grades are more interested in some intuitive things. This requires teachers to use pictures, objects, operations, etc. in teaching as much as possible to combine dynamic and static.

With the interactive whiteboard function, the difficult concepts are connected with relevant graphics or things to construct the context of knowledge generation. Students can find out the differences and connections between things in the context of human-computer interaction, visualize abstract concepts, and dynamically change static concepts, so as to clearly understand mathematical concepts.

3. Skillfully use interactive whiteboard function to break through knowledge difficulties

In classroom teaching, no matter how good a teacher is at expressing and comparing, it is difficult to express some abstract and common knowledge content, which is often the focus and difficulty of a class.

Skillfully use the interactive whiteboard function, drag, copy, move, shrink, zoom in, cover, rotate, combine, roam, etc., and carry out interactive operations according to needs, which helps to highlight teaching priorities and disperse difficulties. Reproduce the knowledge points that are difficult to compare clearly, provide students with an information platform that can be seen and touched, easily solve problems in the process of human-computer interaction, achieve the purpose of highlighting the key points and breaking through the difficulties, and achieve the teaching effect of twice the result with half the effort.

Interactive whiteboard skillfully provides students with an operation display platform; When necessary, playback the generation process of new resources, and the learning traces of scenes are clearly displayed in front of students again, so that students can review the thinking context of the classroom, and the knowledge system and learning methods learned are gradually formed in their minds, so that students can learn to observe, think, compare, question, and summarize, understand and use knowledge clearly, understand the way of thinking to solve problems, and reserve nutrition for developmental learning.

4. Use interactive whiteboard function to let students learn to learn

The soul of the new curriculum reform is to use interactive whiteboards to "return the classroom to students and let the classroom glow with vitality". Use the whiteboard function to make the classroom a stage for teacher-student interaction, return the learning time and space to students in the interaction, guide students to explore independently, and teach students the method of "learning to learn", so as to obtain a successful learning experience, develop good learning habits, and improve the efficiency of classroom learning.

The visual and intuitive operation function of the whiteboard can present the thinking of human-computer interaction and solve the content that teachers are difficult to explain and students are difficult to understand. At the same time, it also makes students feel that mathematics learning is full of interest and wisdom. Such practical operations broaden students' knowledge horizons, stimulate inspiration for knowledge, and let students learn to learn.

In short, the application of interactive whiteboard teaching in mathematics classroom teaching has the characteristics of good change, mobility, easy disassembly and spelling, and human-computer interaction, which can make abstract mathematical problems concrete, boring problems interesting, static mathematical problems dynamic, complex mathematical problems simple, etc

These characteristics can provide students with visual "Observer", auditory "coordinator" and thinking "booster", which is helpful to cultivate students' innovative consciousness, achieve innovative ability, improve students' learning level and make mathematics classroom flexible.

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